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HIV / Aids Drug Rehabilitation - Columbia, Tennessee

HIV/Aids drug rehabilitation|drug rehab is critical for a lot of reasons, but specifically because individuals with HIV/Aids often need specialty care because of their disease being life threatening. Compound this fact with the likelihood of advanced advancement of of HIV/Aids on account of drug use, and there is a real worry for your client's general well-being. People who have HIV/AIDS could possibly have contracted the disease because of their substance abuse, like through intravenous drug abuse. Drug abuse also lowers one's inhibitions to the point that men and women will do things they might not normally do, such as having unprotected sex with multiple partners while on drugs or drunk. Either way, once a person ends up in rehabilitation they frequently require rehab services in order to meet their specific needs, which may be both substance abuse related and healthcare related. Those who arrive for HIV/Aids drug rehabilitation rarely arrive to treatment in good health, and have often failed to maintain any kind healthcare regimen or kept up with the necessary medications to slow the growth of the sickness. So along with treating addiction in HIV/Aids drug rehabilitation|drug rehab, rehab and doctors will likely work to restore the individual's health medically.

Camelot Care Centers Inc
Camelot Care Centers Inc is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility that is located at:

1910 Nonconnah Boulevard
Memphis, TN. 38132

If you would like to contact Camelot Care Centers Inc, you can reach them at 901-346-1270.

Camelot Care Centers Inc offers the following treatment services: Outpatient Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, HIV / AIDS Drug Rehabilitation, Lesbian, Gay - Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Senior Drug Treatment, Criminal Justice Clients, Hearing Impaired Rehab Services

Payment forms accepted: Self Pay Drug Rehabs, Medicaid Accepted, State Insurance, Private Health Care, Military Insurance