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Dual Diagnosis - Northglenn, Colorado

Dual diagnosis is a circumstance whereby two independent disorders are present, and most often denotes a co-occurring drug abuse and mental health disorder. A dual diagnosis will help someone that may not have been capable of being helped before, put an end to substance abuse by being properly diagnosed and helped. Their mental health disorder could have been misdiagnosed, not diagnosed at all, or treated incorrectly that may have triggered and resulted in their drug or alcohol use issues. Establishing the truth that someone is in fact a dual diagnosis client not simply helps establish an efficient course of treatment for them, but could also help clients better determine what triggered their drug abuse and how to prevent it down the road. Addressing dual diagnosis might be a more extensive process compared to a typical drug rehab program, and individuals with a dual diagnosis might be required to participate in an extensive aftercare program which may include appropriate medical support as well as further treatment services. Being clinically determined to have co-occurring disorders doesn't imply that the individual will need to be medicated for the rest of their lives either, and in fact many people who have a dual diagnosis experience far better outcomes when treated holistically and when alternative treatment solutions are employed.