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West Palm Beach, FL. - Methadone Detoxification

Lots of people don't understand this completely when they start a methadone maintenance program, but methadone as a prescription drug doesn't actually effectively resolve opiate addiction. Methadone, whether included in an opiate maintenance program or abused illegally, produces considerable dependence which is far more severe than other opiates including heroin. Due to this, individuals who would like to get off of methadone will have to undergo methadone detoxification with the aid of treatment specialists. Those who have attempted to stop methadone use on their own cold turkey can tell you that this is nearly impossible, and most relapse very quickly. With professional methadone detoxification, there is certainly hope for those who desire to abstain from the drug forever. Within a drug and alcohol detox facility alcohol and drug treatment program which deals with methadone dependence and addiction treatment experts do everything they can to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and make certain methadone detoxification is a safe process. There won't be any real health risks associated with methadone detoxification if the individual is in good health, however this isn't always the case. Poor health as a consequence of drug or alcohol use could make methadone detoxification risky, which is one more reason people should undergo methadone detoxification in a professional setting.

Metro Treatment of Florida LP
Metro Treatment of Florida LP is an Addiction Recovery Facility that is located at:

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